Reparations PHL Commission

Reparations PHL Commission

COMMISSIONS: N’COBRA’s campaigns and work is organized through nine national commissions: Economic Development, Human Resources, Legal Strategies, Legislation, Information and Media, Membership and Organizational Development, International Affairs, Youth and Education. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: The focus of the commission is to help chapters spread the word about reparations and N’COBRA, consult with communities to determine their views about what should be included in an equitable reparations remedy, and determine how reparations and our own resources can accelerate the repair of our people. 

EDUCATION: The focus of the commission is to link issues related to education to the reparations movement, seek innovative ways to promote the repair of our people now through more appropriate and creative approaches and apply strategies for using reparations to address educational concerns. 

ELDERS ADVISORY BOARD: The Elder Advisory Board is comprised of individuals who are advocates for reparations for the descendants of the victims of African chattel slavery and who have made significant contributions to advance the reparations struggle. 

INFORMATION & MEDIA: The focus of the commission is to serve as the official organizational link for the dissemination and exchange of information on N’COBRA policies; Reparations issues, strategies and actions pertinent to U.S. and diaspora African descendants’ struggle for Reparations. 

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: The focus of the commission is to work closely with Africans, African descendants and supporters of reparations for Africans and African descendants throughout the world. 

LEGAL STRATEGIES: The focus of the commission is to develop legal strategies to advance the movement for reparations. LEGISLATIVE The focus of the commission is to work towards achieving a comprehensive award of reparations for African Americans based on slavery and post-slavery discrimination in the legislative arena through support of reparations initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. 

MEMBERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The focus of the commission is to promote membership in N’COBRA to the masses of African descendants individually and through their organizations. YOUTH The focus of the commission is to organize and mobilize young community reparations activists and assist them with identifying and tapping into resources available to our communities that aid in healing our injury areas. The focus of the commission is to assess the collective and individual commitment, skills and talents of the members in order to better utilize them in advancing the mission of N’COBRA; determine the potential and methods for working with incarcerated Black populations on matters related to reparations, and aid in linking and directing service organizations to the reparations movement. 

Apply to join the Reparations PHL Commission and become one of the many working to bring reparations to the Black commonwealth of Philadelphia. Join N’COBRA PHL’s Reparations Commission and support with your leadership and compassion.