HR 40 Map


How to work with the HR 40 I-Map

  • Scroll on the grey area of a state that you live in or are working with.
  • Once the state’s name appear click on the grey area.
  • The state will enlarge and you will see the blue, red and/or black squares spaced out. The location of the square in the state represents the Congressional district within that state.
  • Scroll on the squares in the state. The district number, the name of the Congressperson, and in some cases, the percentage of Black population in the district will be in bold letters. Underneath will be a major city or cites in the district.
  • Once you find the Congressperson that you will contact, click on their square. This will take you directly to their web page.
  • Once on the web page, generally you can scroll down to the bottom of the home page to find their Washington office, home district locations and phone numbers.
  • If you are a resident of the district we suggest you call the District office in addition to the Washington office. The call to the Washington office is ALWAYS made. Also if you live in the district, it is great if you can organize a visit to the district office by a group of voters.
  • When calling ask to speak to the Legislative Director or the Legislative Aide responsible for “Constitution-related” bills. You can use the NCOBRA script ” I am with N’COBRA . (If they ask who is N’COBRA, go on to say “the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America.) I am calling on my Congressperson to cosponsor HR 40 the Commission to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans Act.”
  • If you are unable to speak with an aide, please leave a message with whoever you talk to, and ask for the email of the person that you would need to speak to concerning HR 40.
  • Send an email request or follow up.
  • To go back to the full map, simply click on the arrow in the top left corner of the enlarged state map.
  • You can end out now, or repeat the above steps for additional Congresspersons.
  • For additional questions See See N’COBRA’s FAQ ,
  • For additional actions you can take to assist in getting HR 40 passed, See N’COBRA’s “Seeking Co-Sponsorships” and “NA 535 National Effort.”
HR 40 I Map Tutorial Video:


NCOBRA HR 40 Interactive MAP FAQs

Welcome to the N’COBRA HR 40 Interactive Map for Congressional Co-Sponsorship and Support

  1. What is the HR 40 I Map?

Answer: It is the HR 40 Interactive Congressional Map.

  1. Can anyone access and use the HR 40 I Map?

Answer: Yes, it is posted on the NCOBRA website – and on Face Book.

  1. What are some advantages to the HR 40 I Map?

Answer: This is a visual to determine which Congressperson needs to be contacted. With a click you can obtain the Congressperson’s contact information to request support of H.R. 40.

  1. I noticed that there are four (4) colors on your map; what do they represent?

Answer: Yes, there are four colors as follows: Grey areas represent the states and to get started, you will need to click on a grey area. Red is the color of the Republican Congresspersons. Blue is the color of the Democratic Congresspersons. Black is the color of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

  1. I do not see my Congressperson on the map. What should I do to see if they are already a co-sponsor?

Answer: This may mean they are already a co-sponsor. To confirm this please go to:

  1. In my District, 33% of the population is Black and my Congressman is a Republican should I contact that office?

Answer: Absolutely, we need all the support we can obtain from both parties.

  1. What I should say when I reach my Congressperson?

Answer: Ask that they sign on to H.R. 40 as a co-sponsor. Yes, NCOBRA has prepared scripts that are available from the website.

  1. I want to visit the local District Office, are there any procedures I should follow?

Answer: Yes, NCOBRA does have a Lobby Day information pack that is available through its website –

  1. I am not clear about how to use the map. Where can I go to find simple instructions?

Answer: There is a YouTube Tutorial: N’COBRA HR 40 I-Cong Map.mp4

  1. I tried to access the Interactive Map from my cell phone and experienced a problem.

Answer: You are correct; it was designed primarily for use with a laptop however with the next edition we will post instructions for use with your cell phone.