The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) is the premiere mass-based coalition of organizations and individuals organized for the sole purpose of obtaining reparations for the Black descendants of the Maangamizi in the United States.

N’COBRA’s founding meeting, September 26, 1987, was convened for the purpose of broadening the base of support for the long-standing reparations movement. N’COBRA has individual members, national and local organizational members and organizational affiliates. N’COBRA has chapters, members, affiliates, and supporters throughout the U.S. and in Africa, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean. N’COBRA is directed nationally by a board of directors. N’COBRA’s campaigns and work is organized through national commissions, and holds an annual national membership meeting and conference to conduct the business of the Coalition as well as to evaluate and introduce new campaigns and strategies.

Our Mission

The Mission of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) is to win full Reparations for the Black descendants of the Maangamizi in the United States and its territories for the genocidal war against their people that created the Trans-Atlantic Slave “Trade” Chattel Slavery, Jim Crow and Chattel Slavery’s continuing vestiges. To that end, N’COBRA organizes and mobilizes all strata of these communities, into an effective mass-based reparations movement. N’COBRA also serves as a coordinating body for the reparations effort in the United States. Furthermore, through its leadership role in the reparations movement within the United States and its territories, N’COBRA recognizes reparations is a just demand and joins with others in building the international reparations movement.


The N’COBRA logo is composed of 3 Adinkra symbols whose meanings from bottom to top are:

NKONSONKONSON (Link or Chain) We are linked in life, we are linked in death, those that share common blood relations never break apart.

OWO FOR A ADOBE (Snake climbing the palm tree) Performing the unusual or impossible.
BIRIBI WO SORO (There is something in the heavens) Nyame biribi wo soro na ma embeka mensa (God there is something in the heavens, let it reach me) Symbol of hope.

NKONSONSON OWO FOR A ADOBE BIRIBI WO SORO: Together these symbols express our links in this, and the next life; that We share a common blood relation which never break apart; and that We can perform the impossible. *

*The NCOBRA logo was designed by Baba Kalonji Tor Olusegun (April 21,1930-January 30, 2013) N’COBRA’s first National Male Co-chair and a founding member.