In the effort to elevate the consciousness, help the Philadelphia diaspora understand their rights, obtain liberation, receive reparations, and rebuild the Black mind, body, and spirit, N’COBRA PHL works through these 4 pillars and following AGENDA items to repair, rehabilitate, and restore Black LIFE.

Pillar 1: Repairing, Restoring, Reconstructing Black Life
A social and civic effort reverse engineering on 500 years of enslavement and colonization against Black people to repair, restore, and reconstruct our world in the likeness of our people. A political and economic lens and landscape for these descendents and their antecedents across the diaspora to understand liberty, independence, freedom, emancipation, and sovereignty.

Pillar 2: Innovation, Industry, Infrastructure, Institutions
Reimagine the world for ourselves, including how to live and do business. Owning our resources and the industrialization of our capital from our capital. Developing and securing the infrastructure necessary to develop institutions. Institutionally supporting our institutions, infrastructures, industry, and innovations.

Pillar 3: A United Diaspora
Make whole our history, heritage, cultures, traditions globally. Unite beyond the colonial imperialism against Black people internationally. Build camaraderie, commerce and communion as to empower the Black diaspora.

Pillar 4: Communications, Community, Constituency, Collaboration
Being in active communication with all parties in the declaration. Develop our communities by creating common values, goals, events, and recreational action and activities in the hyper-local and intercontinental context. Standing together socially, civically, economically, and politically as constituents. Working together on our individual, international, and intercontinental goals.

For government officials and legal authorities to keep their community members knowledgeable, educated, and informed. Our work in that effort is to create and support innovative government and policy transparency systems that make news and information more accessible to and by the public. In that effort, we must register, engage, and activate new voters through those information sharing systems and help our community create consensus for policy needs from public officials. In order to accomplish these goals, we need for government officials and legal authorities to increase the access, awareness, and application of resources that individuals and institutions need to thrive…

– Keep the community privy to information coming through the pipeline, helping create preparedness for the infrastructure of our community’s livelihood.

– Protect and support the people’s constitutional rights, fighting for the people’s interests in spite of their own or the interest of their party as we become the true constituency.

– Help to fortify local department stores and produce markets, provided that citizens have access to their needs during and beyond times of crisis.

– Educate communities on how they can, will, or may be must be zoned for business endeavours.

– Develop a municipally administered telecommunication service that provides phone and internet service to citizens at a low cost premium.

– Ensure that people’s municipal services are secure, such as:

– – Protecting air quality and clean water systems;

– – Public trash and recycling receptacles are not overflowing;

– – Support legislation that supports a healthy environmental ecology;

– – Academic and education needs are properly funded, serviced, and resourced;

– – Proper medical and medicinal treatment;

– – Allocate funding for local fire engines;

– – Law enforcement officers are properly trained, supervised, and disciplined.

This work lives at the helm of imaging an evolved form of social security for…

1. Equity, equality, and human ecology

2. Innovated and advanced architectural pedagogy for climate change adaptations

3. Public school educational and academic reform

4. Community policing and police reform

5. Cyber security, widespread telecommunications and internet fidelity

6. Improved military systems and armed forces public relations

7. Hyper-local, domestic, and international diplomacy and peacekeeping

1. Water systems are clean

2. Public trash and recycling receptacles are not overflowing

3. Public libraries and parks are foundationally supported

4. Schools are properly funded and serviced with all resource needs

5. Local markets and restaurants are up to code

6. Local businesses are licensed and inspected properly

7. Fire engines are funded and supported

8. Law enforcement officers are properly trained, supervised, and disciplined

9. People are properly treated medically and medicinally
Any and everyone in prison for the use of any drug or selling of marijuana must be free as the rise of industries that would incriminate those incarcerated not only become legal, but industrialized. If individuals need rehabilitation, such services should be provided. Direct reparations should be apportioned to those individuals now resocialized into society.
Study of impacts the United States of America has had on the descendants of enslaved Africans with recommendations to the restoration of Black to obvert 400 years of crimes against humanity while signing up and registering Black Americans to volunteer, subscribe, and support. Studies would prompt apologies, statutes, inscriptions, monuments, memorials, statues, and commemorations to those ancestors and their antecedents before the world.
– Protecting mother nature is our foremost priority as children to this land and our ability to go green² and invest into renewable and clean energy developments support our effective protection of the environment and preserve our economies. Examples of such systems are seen through solar energy, water capture and filtration systems, community composting, and more. Our work will be collectively developing a scientific pedagogy rooted in natural and organic systems so that technology advances our natural and organic abilities, rather supplements, substitutes, and subtracts them in its ability to perform where we may not have to. Our work in this effort is to…

– Invest into real-estate for natural and mineral resources

– Support ecologists with volunteers, advocacy, manpower and resources

– Develop systems of equitable economics and environmental ecology = green²

– Educate the community on effective ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost

– Educate and inform community in various ways to go green(2)

– Connect with and support environmental ecologists

– Support legislation that supports a healthy environment

– Redevelop city recycling program that recycles, renews, and restores

– Educate community on effective reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost; educate community on environmental ecology in general

– Promote the development of innovative environmentally sustainable systems and new infrastructures to industrialize local food market development, which effectively means growing, wholesaling, distribution, and retailing

– Creating an architectural renaissance that prepares itself for global climate adaptations and evolution in real-time; develop a new standard for what development looks like where sustainability is at the forefront of thought in how we see a developed world

– Develop a scientific and technological pedagogy rooted in natural and organic systems so that technology advances our natural and organic abilities, rather supplements, substitutes, and subtracts them in its ability to perform where we may not have too

– Technologically regress for a greater understanding on how our socialization to technology has transformed our biological, neurological, sociological, and ecological systems and organic functions while becoming more environmentally friendly with the technology we already have

– Commission the study for equity, ecology, and economics to preserve and progress our ecospheres, natural resources, natural reserves, energy creation, and energy consumption to protect natural systems of ecology and the environment of people inhabiting communities; support innovative environmentally sustainable systems and new infrastructures to create and advance new equitable and innovative business practices that advance environmental ecology.
Business and economics is how we perpetuate trade, commerce, access, and opportunity. Our ability to invest into real-estate for mineral resources; product chain infrastructure; inspiring manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing; encouraging the acquisition of proper licensing and certifications; educating on how communities must be zoned for business endeavours; developing manufacturing hubs within the community; building facility capacity development, must come from innovative provisions of access and opportunity as previously established before the traumatization of various economically thriving communities who were ravaged by the hand of White supremacy and injustice. Our collective effort in this work is to educate on fields, disciplines, and industries, while providing financial literacy education and while doing the following…

– Support the acquisition of proper licensing and certifications for entrepreneurs to legal and legitimize their enterprises

– Strengthen communication, cooperation, and collaboration between Black businesses and their customer, consumer, and community base

– Encourage community investment into product chain infrastructure and develop independent systems of hyper-local, domestic, and international manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing

– Build international relations in cultural and economic exchange and fair trade programs

– Educate the community on ownership, real-estate, and the governance of land

– Encourage community to participate in city planning, zoning, and business development
For artists and creatives who seek to have their contributions to society and civilization bolster education, news and information, health and wellness, and sci-tech-eng-arch-math. This is a calling for new and innovative approaches to artistically and culturally supporting industries and sectors who will need photography, videography, illustrations, colorful literature, physical fitness, and more to fully express, communicate, enlighten, and illuminate the greatest possibilities for the world.

Our work is to help bridge the gaps between artists and creatives, and the blue and white color workforce in a way that keeps arts, culture, and creativity socially essential to advancing civilization academically, architecturally, agriculturally, ecologically, and more. We must support cultural, historical, and heritage platforms, common-spaces, and mediums; develop virtual libraries; support local music, art, dance, and literature that keep record of history and heritage; inspire healthy culinary practices and eating.
Where the ability to connect online and telecommunicate is dominated by an autocracy of media corporations that limit the space and capacity to create, this is for local content producers to invest into radio, broadband, cable, streaming, etc. and the increased capacity for hyper-local communities to diversify media access, communications, and opportunity. This effort works to help…

– Build more independent networks and platforms for specialized ethnic, cultural, and heritage based enrichment and reporting;

– Sustain impartial systems of gathering data, followed by the international dissemination of news throughout media channels for honest reporting and representation for and by Black people.

– Develop a municipally administered telecommunication service that provides phone and internet service to citizens at a low cost premium.

– Improve news and information sharing that improve the narrative of the diaspora

– Support local content producers by filtering and funneling content to and through our administrative channels

– Help to build more independent networks and platforms for specific ethnic cultural, traditional, and heritage enrichment; invest into broadband, cable, streaming, etc. and its capacities for hyper-local communities to diversify media access and opportunity

– Turn content creators into researches & reporters

– Independently archive all efforts

Our work in this effort is to encourage the necessary connection and communion around the news and information coming from content producers within the community-network to support individual thinking and interdependence opposed to conformism and corporate media autocracy.
For educators looking to create new k-12 education and academic standards and curriculum that prepare children for the evolving world. Our work in this effort is to ensure that there will be policies to protect and project those values; develop protocols when those values are not being met; develop and pipeline to local and hyper-local extra-curricular activities for children; provide experience based learning opportunities with real world application in real time; include financial literacy, numeracy, banking, government, taxes, and environmental ecology apart of that learning; ensure Black and African history and heritage education to directly articulate Black and African contributions to humanity; ensuring global studies for improved international relations with the world; provide mainstream and social media intelligence education; include mindfulness and healthy lifestyle practices to improve mental and physical health and spiritual well-being.
Where service leaders and liaisons to educate and connect communities to philanthropy; encourage and evoke innovative community sponsorship from philanthropists. Our work in this effort is to encourage communities to support public efforts through altruism and charity; encourage foundations to support through donations and philanthropy; inform the community on various support services that exist for them; share news and information that supports healthier, safer, and stronger communities; learn from informed humanitarians on how to create stronger communities.
Where we build international relationships through media and technology, our work is to motivate international business and commerce; inspire those to obtain more life experiences through arts & culture; improve foriegn affairs through political advocacy and diplomacy; strengthen international relations through cultural and economic exchange and fairtrade; improve news and information sharing that improve the narrative of the diaspora; create historical and cultural experiences internationally that attract the diaspora into itself.