Rep 215

The People's Reparations Task Force & Coalition

The People’s Reparations Coalition brings reparatory justice programs forward for the descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States and “Black” and “African American” descendants of Negro and Colored Americans in the Delaware Valley. Established in partnership with DayOneNotDayTwo in 2022, The People’s Reparations Coalition invites the community to develop and implement solutions that promote and see the full realization of the descendant groups’ human rights and potential. The People’s Coalition has two operations, The People’s Reparations Task Force and The Reparations Research Lab and Clinic. 

The People’s Reparations Task Force was established in April, 2023 to survey, register and enroll members of the descendant group to co-create and implement restorative justice practices and resolutions in their community. Through the work of N’COBRA PHL, DayOneNotDayTwo, and various community partners and organizations, the task force expands throughout the Delaware County and Valley, providing best practices and resolutions to businesses, institutions and units of government. 

The Reparations Research Lab and Clinic was developed by N’COBRA PHL to support the greater Philadelphia community with reparative justice programs that positively impact the social determinants of health and sustainable development goals of the descendant group. The research lab and clinic works with participants to develop portfolios and provide social services and reparative action needed for their families and communities.